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Overview of Good Health Package

How Good Health Package helps you?


The Senior Male Platinum Package - ISO/NABL is a complete healthcare package created for senior men that meets ISO and NABL requirements. Advanced screenings include cardiovascular analysis, diabetes profiles, prostate health evaluations, bone density assessments, and renal function tests. This comprehensive method enables early detection of probable health concerns and individualized therapy measures. The package exemplifies excellence in elder healthcare by offering accurate assessments linked with worldwide standards, assuring optimal well-being during the golden years of life.


The Senior Male Platinum Package - ISO/NABL is a complete healthcare examination aimed at improving the health and well-being of older men. It follows ISO and NABL guidelines and provides advanced testing for a variety of health factors, including cardiovascular health, diabetes, prostate health, bone density, and renal function. The package promotes early identification of possible health conditions, allowing healthcare providers to identify risks and develop personalised treatment solutions. This preventive strategy not only avoids health difficulties, but it also improves the quality of life for senior men. The package also functions as a health management tool, directing people toward lifestyle changes, preventative measures, and essential healthcare procedures. This investment in preventive health management leads to a better and more enjoyable senior lifestyle.


The Senior Male Platinum Package - ISO/NABL necessitates a rigorous approach to assure the precision and efficacy of advanced healthcare examinations. It entails scheduling the package at a convenient time, communicating clearly with the healthcare provider about any existing medical conditions, medications, or concerns, fasting during specific periods, wearing comfortable clothing, bringing relevant medical records or test results, and following specific instructions for assessments such as prostate health screenings or advanced diagnostic tests. Staying hydrated is essential, especially when urine samples are requested. A cooperative and proactive attitude, along with adherence to pre-test instructions, results in a well-prepared and effective encounter with the package.

Test parameters: 57 Test Code: P567 CBC,LIVER FUNCTION TEST,KIDNEY FUNCTION TEST,THYROID PROFILE,LIPID PROFILE,PSA,GLUCOSE FASTING,VITAMIN D,HBA1C,HIV,HCV,HBSAG,VDRL etc Fasting: Require 10 to 12 hours Report available in: 24 Hours Hospital treatment is luxurious, but, making investment money on preventive measures is better as opposed to spending a large amount of money on treating serious ailments later. The senior citizen men health checkup package includes vitamins and related exams on your bones. it is usually screening assessments for the liver, kidneys, coronary heart, blood strain, and your LDL cholesterol level. It?s for an entire health checkup that exams the general operating health circumstance and minor problems can be nipped inside the bud. Glomerular Filtration fee (GFR) ? This test is used to measure the fee at which the kidneys filter waste from the blood. No special guidance is wanted for this take a look at. A pattern of your blood can be drawn and examined for creatinine stages. The creatinine degree is mixed with other factors and the GFR is calculated. Consequences in the variety of ninety-120 mL/min/1.73m2. Low ranges suggest kidney sickness. Prostatic precise Antigen (PSA total) ? This check enables to diagnose and comply with prostate cancer in guys. You don?t require any special education for this check. A sample of your blood will be drawn and tested. A PSA level of as much as 4 ng/ml of blood is taken into consideration regular. For guys aged 50 or younger, a PSA degree or two. Five is taken into consideration healthy. A better PSA degree shows a higher danger for prostate cancer. Complete Blood is counted (CBC) ? This check is used to display for general fitness and also can help diagnose a huge range of situations from anaemia to most cancers. No preparation is required for this test. A sample of your blood could be drawn and tested. Test consequences will suggest various cellular counts including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Relying on the range of cellular counts, various conditions such as heart disease, contamination, irritation, bleeding issues, and autoimmune problems, deficiencies of minerals or vitamins may be recognized.

Fasting Required:
Do not eat or drink anything other than water for 8-12 hours before the test..

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