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Overview of Good Health Package

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The Silver Senior Male - ISO/NABL package is a comprehensive healthcare program aimed at meeting the health needs of older men. It corresponds to ISO and NABL standards and provides a comprehensive assessment of several elements of senior male healthcare. The bundle comprises screenings and tests that assess cardiovascular health, diabetes risk, prostate health, bone density, and kidney function. These assessments aid in the early detection of possible health conditions, allowing for more prompt treatments and individualized healthcare regimens. The package empowers aging men by offering a thorough picture of their health state, allowing for proactive health management, and promoting a greater quality of life as they age.


The Silver Senior Male - ISO/NABL package is a comprehensive evaluation instrument aimed at improving the health and well-being of older men. It meets ISO and NABL standards and assesses important health markers such as cardiovascular health, diabetes, prostate health, bone density, and renal function. The package's goal is to identify possible health concerns early on, allowing for prompt interventions and encouraging older men to control their health proactively. The thorough nature of the examinations enables individuals to make educated choices regarding lifestyle changes, preventative measures, and essential healthcare procedures. The package also acts as a baseline for long-term health monitoring, allowing healthcare practices to be adjusted to meet changing requirements. Overall, the Silver Senior Male - ISO/NABL package is an invaluable resource for aging men, offering a complete assessment of their present health as well as information on how to make educated decisions for a better and more satisfying senior life.


To prepare for the Silver Senior Male - ISO/NABL package, schedule it at a convenient time, notify your healthcare provider of any existing medical conditions, medications, or concerns, fast for a set period of time, wear comfortable clothing for physical examinations or imaging studies, bring relevant medical records or test results, and follow specific instructions for specific assessments such as prostate health screenings. Staying hydrated is essential, especially when urine samples are requested. Open contact with your healthcare physician, following pre-test instructions, and taking a proactive approach all contribute to a well-prepared and successful experience with the Silver Senior Male - ISO/NABL package. This provides a detailed picture of your health history and allows examinations to be tailored to your unique requirements.

Test parameters: 50 Test Code: DR565 CBC,LIVER FUNCTION TEST,KIDNEY FUNCTION TEST,THYROID -TSH,GLUCOSE FASTING,PSA,LIPID PROFILE,HBA1C etc Fasting: Require 10 to 12 hours Report available in: 24 Hours Old human beings are synonymous with very younger youngsters. both want to be taken care of with tender love and care. Contamination in vintage age can?t be averted; handiest its depth may be reduced with the assist of timely medicine and medical doctor session. Early scientific intervention and remedies can assist lessen the physical and intellectual ache on senior citizens that illnesses get with themselves. That is in which senior citizen fitness check the United States come into the image. Kidney feature takes a look at ? This includes a sequence of tests to test for the wholesome functioning of your kidneys. Exams include: Urinalysis ? This takes a look at is a mixture of physical, chemical and microscopic assessments. Those assessments assist to become aware of and measure numerous materials within the urine, including by using-merchandise of regular and bizarre metabolism, cellular fragments, bacteria, cells such as bilirubin, protein, glucose, crystals. This takes a look at is an extraordinary screening tool that facilitates discover several issues in their early degree itself. The test requires no unique training on your part. You simply want to provide a sample of your urine. Serum Creatinine ? This test is used to degree tiers of creatinine inside the blood. Creatinine is a waste product and high tiers of creatinine indicate that the kidneys are not functioning nicely. No unique guidance is commonly wished for this check. A small pattern of your blood could be drawn and examined at a laboratory. Typically, serum creatinine tiers of zero.7-1.3 mg/dL in men and zero.6-1.1 mg/dL is considered regular. Degrees better than this would mean that your kidneys are not functioning nicely and you?re at a better danger for diabetes and other illnesses. Urea ? This test is used to measure the degrees of urea nitrogen in your frame. Urea nitrogen is a waste product this is generally filtered by using the kidneys and leaves the body via urine. The presence of too much or too little urea ought to indicate kidney issues. This check is accomplished as a screening check and to reveal the progress of diabetes treatment. You don?t require any unique coaching for this check. A sample of blood may be drawn and despatched to the lab for trying out. A degree of 7-20 mg/dL is taken into consideration normal. Ranges higher or lower than those can indicate extreme troubles inclusive of diabetes.

Fasting Required:
Do not eat or drink anything other than water for 8-12 hours before the test..

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